An acknowledged expert in wireless technologies, Rajesh Tank demonstrates a dedication to hard work to ensure the efficient deployment and operations of wireless networks across the United States. Demonstrating hard work and determination, Rajesh co-founded two start ups, which have been involved in different aspects of wireless technology. Mr. Tank ensures that the two business organizations are able to build their own exclusive and solid customer base.

InteliSky Solution delivers highly useful real-time information by employing rich mapping platforms that enable users to track their vehicle fleets. Vehicle owners can see their vehicles at just a glance and determine which ones are active and which are not. The impressive InteliSky technology also allows fleet owners to monitor the fuel, mileage and speed, tracking each one of their vehicles while being able to check the geography that they travel through. The Fuel Tracking system provides precise measurement of fuel levels in every vehicle’s tank, and also provides detailed information on fuel tank draining and refilling, allowing fleet owners to accurately plan their fuel expenses and instruct their people accordingly.

With Mileage Tracking, InteliSky supplies vehicle fleet owners to oversee the real mileage of each of their vehicles while getting a streamlined recording of fuel expenses. Business owners can also get the exact location of their company vehicles on a map and view each vehicle’s trip history. Thanks to the efforts of Rajesh Tank, InteliSky continues to offer business owners who own vehicle fleets genuine peace of mind, effortless expense planning and monitoring while enabling concerned employees to practice effective route management and driving plus use of company resources.

Rajesh Tank also co-founded Arvidion. Both Arvidion and InteliSky offer award winning solutions for vehicle fleet and business owners who want to optimize the use of their vehicles along with manpower and/or track their valuable assets. For Mr. Tank, there is much that the industry and technology can offer, with possibilities that could extend beyond vehicles to life in general.

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