Raj Tank is a national leader in network technology and DevOps. Over a career spanning nearly 25 years, leading teams for all of the major carriers.

Over the span of his career Raj has personally led in-house teams that have built over 10,000 sites and upgraded 30,000 sites to next generation networks. Raj was able to leverage key OEM relationships with Huawei to leverage economies of scale and create a competitive environment with Ericsson and other vendors. This vast network of wireless infrastructure is now a monument to the social connectivity, commercial growth and personal safety enjoyed by the 12.5 million subscribers for whom Raj helped provide cell phone coverage since 1994.

Adding to a lauded legacy in wireless, Raj has personally launched SaaS start-ups aimed at harnessing the vast potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The start-ups employ rich mapping platforms that enable users to track their commercial vehicle fleets and managing mobile workforces.

Raj has re-invented cost structure and is known for doing more with every dollar spent. He has been identified as the go to person for the most difficult turn around programs having multiple technical functions from corporate technology planning to field deployments and DevOps.

Raj is a veteran business leader who has led very large teams distributed globally, managed billion dollar budgets and initiated industry-shifting change in America’s most competitive markets, But, he’s also a scrappy entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring young innovators to design the new interfaces that will connect human beings to each other and everything around us.

Raj brings this passion and drive as well as strong values of fairness

and integrity to every project he undertakes. He’s cultivated these values from his youth growing up in lower-income communities on the West Side of Chicago. Raj worked his way through college and graduate school to earn two degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. That’s why Raj is most proud of his work advocating for STEM education curricula and funding in public schools. The social entrepreneur founded STEM686, an organization comprised of executives in the science, technology and engineering industries, who inform educators, students and parents on the skills needed to compete for the jobs of the future